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Coralie Jouhier. 


Coralie Jouhier. 


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Old painting, new wheatpaste. 

In 2011, I began a series of paintings called Victim of American Fear.(The title is from this article by Adam Serwer for The Prospect. As an illustrator, I’m often inspired to create a painting from something I’ve read.)

The series was meant to address the killings of black people that happen when people find themselves afraid of black people just because they are black. Think Trayvon Martin. Think Oscar Grant. 

Also think Renisha McBride. If I continue this series, I’ll want to include a black woman.  

After the recent killings of more black bodies, I decided to try these paintings out on the street as wheatpastes. 

Critiquing my own work, I do think these paintings are a little over-literal, with the gun targets covering the bodies. I don’t mean to be provocative just for the sake of it. But I do think it’s a strong image. 

These are pasted in Newark. 

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what kind of creole magic


what kind of creole magic

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“Awaken, you that sleep. All that you desire or require is already on your pathway, but you must be wide-awake to your good to bring it into manifestation.”

—   The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn (via simplybelove)

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

—   Khalil Gibran (via simplybelove)

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there is a wonderful new free literary app entitled ‘WeReadToo’ in the apple store. browse over 300 titles by authors of color featuring characters of color. currently, they are featuring children and young adult books, but they are adding genres, and there is a suggestion box on the app for users/readers to offer their favorite writers/books to be added !

here’s the link :)


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“You have wandered into a strange land, a mirage of ever beckoning illusions. When you focus on something outward that will bring this urge for happiness into fruition, it eludes you. You grasp onto it, and outwardly it appears to sustain you for a moment. Then it dissolves in substance. And a new mirage appears. Aha! This will bring me happiness. And this one will last. And you go for that new mirage. Eventually you reach it. And this too may seem to bring a form of happiness for a moment. Then it dissolves. And you are left in the emptiness of searching once again. Yet we are driven towards this, like a moth to the light. Each outer illusion is a mirage. It does not last. True happiness is eternal. It is permanent. It does not change.
It emanates from the Source of our being. It is the Source of Life itself. It is who we are. Constant. Unchanging. The Source of life reveals itself as happiness. Unalloyed Happiness. Earthly happiness is only a whisper of our constant state of natural awareness. When we return to this for a moment, it is called meditation. Illumination. Revelation. Truth. This is our natural state of being. Happiness is our natural state.”

—   Robert Adams (via simplybelove)

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“I love it when women love themselves.
I love it when women are learning to love themselves.
I love it when women inspire other women to love themselves”

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